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Driving Alert: Alternate Side Rules Suspended Monday-Wednesday, February 11-13

Sunday, February 10, 2013 Alternate Side Parking rules will be suspended on Monday, February 11, to facilitate snow removal and on Tuesday and Wednesday for observance of Lincoln's Birthday and Ash Wednesday. Payment at parking meters will be in effect throughout the city on these days. [Read More]

How to Tell If Your Parking Ticket is “Kosher”

Parking tickets are the scourge of New Yorkers who regularly park on the street (which is one reason we encourage people to use Edison ParkFast lots instead, hint hint). But if you do park on the street and are unlucky enough to get a ticket, how can you tell that that the ticket has been filled out properly by the issuing authority and is therefore valid? We came across a post on the NewYorkParkingTicket blog that's…

Parking Alert: 2013 Alternate Side Parking Suspension Calendar

2013 Alternate Side Parking Suspension Calendar Date/ Holiday Tuesday, January 1 New Years Day* Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King Sunday, February 10 Asian Lunar New Year Tuesday, February 12 Lincolns Birthday Wednesday, February 13 Ash Wednesday Monday, February 18 Washingtons Birthday (Presidents Day) Sunday, February 24 Purim Tuesday, March 26 the first day of Passover Wednesday, March 27 the second day of Passover Thursday, March 28 Holy Thursday Friday, March 29 Good Friday Monday,…