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NYC: So Much to Do in May & June!

Springtime is arguably the best time to live in New York and New Jersey – and not just because the weather is usually as close to perfect as it gets. From parades to concerts to one of the most popular holiday weekends of the calendar year, the Metropolitan area is in full bloom. Here are just a few terrific ways to celebrate spring: (more…)

Things to Do in NYC and NJ: September

Labor Day is right around the corner, which means you are overjoyed at the thought of a long weekend and all its possibilities – like going to the beach or taking one last family trip. Then, as the weekend comes to an end, you realize too that the long summer days are now coming to a close. But not to worry: There are still many fun and exciting things to look forward to in September!…

Can a Classic Car Survive in NYC? Four Tips for Keeping Your Sweet Ride Alive

Guest blogger John Ficarra knows cars — and as a lifelong gearhead who spent almost a decade in NYC, he’s got some extremely important tips on how to keep your classic ride alive and kicking, even in our brutal environment. Today, he’s enjoying the more forgiving West Coast climate and heading up marketing for Canepa, the country’s most prestigious historic car restoration and sales company. There’s no finer way to escape the city than to…