Big Dreams and Bigger Engines: The New York International Auto Show

0164_SocialAssets_ProfileNew York City is truly a city of dreams. We all know the story — young kid with wide eyes gets off the bus seeking fame and fortune. The reality often means sharing a rundown studio in Jersey or the Rockaways with five roommates and their disgruntled cats, slinging caffeine to grumpy commuters for a few years before anything really magical happens.

But the magic does happen, and dreams do come true. Which is why you scrape enough money together for the occasional Broadway theater ticket and search for other inspiration to keep the dream alive. It’s also why you should check out the New York International Auto Show — because sometimes you need the excitement that only a four-wheeled, mega-horse-powered monster can deliver.


Sweet Rides & Fun Times: Things that Make You Go Vrooom!

There’s something to be said about taking a day to indulge in an alternate fantasy life — and the the Auto Show is the perfect place to commune with the kinds of cars usually only accessible to the One Percent. The newly unveiled Acura NSA will set you back a mere $160K, while the Bugatti Veyron runs closer to 1.5 million smackeroos, so don’t get too attached.

And then there are the concept cars, like the dead sexy Aston Martin Vulcan, which lives beautifully in the “more fantasy than fact” category. Take a look, close your eyes, and the next thing you know you’re James Bond, speeding down an English road, using only your massive sense of self-confidence to steer as both your hands are preoccupied with dissembling a bomb. This is one fantasy no one can, or should, resist.

There are also fantastic, family-friendly exhibits, so a day at the Auto Show is more than just an indulgence. Any parent hoping to get their kid off of the iPad and into the world will have an easy time of it when they mention things like “race car simulators” or “going off-road in a Jeep, even while you’re inside the freaking Javits Center.”


The Agony and the Ecstasy: Owning a Car in NYC

For those of you who actually own a car in NYC or the surrounding area, we both feel your pain and understand the positives of your situation. One one hand, parking tickets and traffic jams; on the other,  freedom to go wherever you want in a car that smells good with a driver who has fantastic taste in music.

So should you plan on taking your own automobile, humble as it may be, to the New York International Auto Show, makes things easy on yourself by booking parking at one of these nearby ParkFast locations.

The 2015 New York International Auto Show will run Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 12th at the Javits Center. See over 1,000 of the newest vehicles, including the most futuristic concept cars, newest production models, elite exotics and cutting-edge automotive technology and innovation. Don’t forget to download the show’s free app so you can have the show in the palm of your hand and plan your trip in advance. Purchase tickets at the door or at

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