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ParkFast Alert: Alternate Side Parking Rules Temporarily Suspended in Parts of Northern Manhattan

Thursday, May 9, 2013
Effective Monday, April 29 Street Cleaning/Alternate Side Parking (ASP) regulations are temporarily suspended in parts of Washington Heights and Inwood until further notice as the Department of Transportation begins the second of two phases to install new, reduced parking regulations. Approximately 1,700 signs in the area will be installed during this phase, reducing the frequency and duration of residential street cleaning parking restrictions and easing parking for local residents.

The new rules were established by the Department of Sanitation at the request of Community Board 12, which became the second community to receive reduced parking regulations since legislation passed the City Council in 2011 allowing for a reduction if streets within the Community District met City standards for cleanliness. To be eligible for such a reduction, the boards must receive an average street cleanliness scorecard rating of at least 90 for two consecutive fiscal years.

Starting April 29, street cleaning regulations (all parking signs marked with a broom symbol) are suspended within the following borders. DOT will give advance notification before enforcement resumes:

• North: The Harlem River from the Henry Hudson Parkway to the Broadway Bridge.
• East: The Harlem River from the Broadway Bridge to 181st Street.
• South: 181st Street (not included) from the Harlem River Drive to the Hudson River.
• West: The Hudson River from 181st Street to the Harlem River.

Starting on May 6, new street cleaning regulations, installed during the last two months, took effect within the following borders:

* North: 181st Street (included) from Riverside Drive to Amsterdam Avenue.
* East: Amsterdam Avenue (included) from 181st Street to Edgecombe Avenue.
* Edgecombe Avenue (included) from Amsterdam Avenue to 155th Street.
* South: 155th Street (included) from the Harlem River Drive to Riverside Drive.
* West: Riverside Drive (included) from 155th Street to 181st Street.
* Note: Also included in the restoration is the Harlem River Drive from 155th Street to the Harlem River Drive Entrance Ramp.

The changes do not affect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. parking rules or meter regulations, or any other parking rules that are not street cleaning regulations.

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