Parking Bikes and Motorcycles in NYC

New York is famously difficult for getting around, whether you’re in a taxi, a city bus or your own automobile. But bikers and motorcyclists have their own special challenges — namely, how and where to park without being the victim of vandalism or theft.

Many of our ParkFast locations have special rooms where you can park your two-wheeled vehicle on a daily or monthly basis, or store it long-term if you know you won’t be using it for a while.This a terrific option for urban dwellers who want to feel safe and secure about leaving their scooter, chopper or bike while they go about their business.

But if you choose to park on the street instead, Larry’s Blog has some very helpful tips:


How to Park Motorcycles and Bicycles in New York City

Leave your motorcycle or bicycle unattended on the streets of New York City and guilt will surely engulf you.

How would you feel if you found a stranger sitting and messing with your motorcycle? Or, a car driving past your bicycle and knocking it over because it wasn’t parked properly? Worse yet, what if someone stole your motorcycle or bicycle because you didn’t safeguard it correctly?  Very alarming.

If you are new to biking or motorcycling, you have a lot of things to learn before parking in New York City.  NYC parking rules vary according to the location and parking signs (including the long-term parking of motorcycles). Overnight parking in NYC is very risky. Leave your bike on the highways and byways of NYC for long hours, and it will be damaged by vandals or stolen by thieves.

5 crucial tactics for parking your motorcycle in NYC:

Get a good lock to secure your motorcycle to safeguard it against thieves.

• Find a cover, preferably something that is worn or old, to throw thieves off the look of a new motorcycle.

• Try to lock your bike to something heavy and big like fences and buildings.

• Get an alarm.

Try to park it with other bikes and make sure it’s at a location where the police or other people can see it. The crowd may serve as a deterrent against the bad guys.

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