Avoid Bumber Busting: Edison ParkFast’s Tips for Better Parking!

It’s happened to all of us: We brush or tap another car’s bumper or mess up our own while trying to park in and around New York. It’s easily the most common type of vehicle accident — especially in a city like New York, with millions of vehicles seemingly occupying every available space.

Whether parallel parking or pulling into a busy parking garage, your bumpers can take an incredible amount of abuse, and it’s often hard to avoid. But here are some quick tips to avoid bumper-busters or fender-benders when parking:

1) Leave some space between vehicles so that you and other drivers are able to walk around the car easily.

2) Take your time. Using those extra seconds to size up a spot or a space left by another vehicle will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

3) Keep your foot on the brake. Even if you end up bumping another car or getting bumped yourself, limiting your speed means limiting the damage.

4) Whenever possible, stay in the open areas. Sometimes its best to simply avoid other cars entirely. Do yourself a favor and park in the next aisle over, or in the bigger spots on the next block.

5) Get some help. Ask your passenger to hop out and guide you into the space if you have any concerns. It could make the difference between fitting into a spot or leaving an awkward apology note on the windshield of the car next to you.

6) Bumper guards can add an extra layer of protection. If you’re prone to bumping other vehicles or getting bumped yourself, consider purchasing them.

7) Or, you can just let a ParkFast professional do it for you. 🙂

After all, street parking can be brutal in New York, from finding a spot to fitting into it. That’s why we suggest parking with us in one of our many convenient, spacious and safe ParkFast garages throughout New York and northern New Jersey.

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