Can a Classic Car Survive in NYC? Four Tips for Keeping Your Sweet Ride Alive

Guest blogger John Ficarra knows cars and as a lifelong gearhead who spent almost a decade in NYC, he’s got some extremely important tips on how to keep your classic ride alive and kicking, even in our brutal environment. Today, he’s enjoying the more forgiving West Coast climate and heading up marketing for Canepa, the country’s most prestigious historic car restoration and sales company.

There’s no finer way to escape the city than to throw your bag into the back of a classic car, fire up the willing engine and tear off into the country. But how do you make sure that the old girl will be willing to scram when you are? A few simple precautions and maintenance tips will make sure your trip starts off with a roar… not a whimper.


Get Your Motor Runnin’

First, your car needs power. Batteries have a tendency to run flat over time, and the discharge can be made worse when the car is used infrequently. Normally, you would put a trickle charger on the battery, but if you’re parking in NYC in a public garage, this may not be an option.

To protect your car from inadvertently sucking the life out of your battery, install a kill switch. It is an easy-to-install switch placed near the battery that disconnects it from the car’s systems and can be fitted without permanently altering the car.


Arrest the Rust

Now that you have the juice, you want the car to make fire. That takes fuel. Gas can go stale after a period of time, and ethanol-infused fuels makes things worse — they can evaporate inside old mechanical fuel injection and leave behind water, which, of course, will create rust.

Rust is not something you want in your fuel system. If you are going to let your car sit for a few weeks or months, it’s simple to just add a fuel additive to your gas tank to keep the fuel fresh and your fuel system protected. Just pour it in, let the car run for a bit to get it flowing through the whole system, and you’re good to go.


Stay Gorgeous

Of course,  the reason you bought a classic in the first place is to drive it — and look good while doing it. A tight-fitting cover will keep your car clean over long periods of storage, but if that’s not an option, a well-waxed car can protect itself.

With basic paint jobs now well over $10K and concours paint work heading north of $100K, a little preventative maintenance can keep your shine going for years. Get a professional detail once a year that includes polishing and wax. Yes, those are two different things — and they are well worth the money over the long term. If a well-waxed car gets dirty, just a simple wash will wipe away a multitude of sins.

Whatever you do, do not, ever – no really – ever run you finger over a dirty car. That dirt acts like sandpaper and can leave a nasty mark that will have to polished out.


Remain Maintained

Finally, even though your car sits more than an everyday driver, you want to maintain it yearly. Tune-ups, fluid changes and preventive maintenance need to be done with regularity. Remember these cars, when they were new, were daily drivers — and they can be as reliable as modern cars with a little care and diligence. So change your oil every 3000 miles or six months, even if you only drive it 1000 miles. Consider that $35 oil change the cheapest insurance on the market.


Love cars? Then do this!

The 2015 New York International Auto Show will return Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 12th at the Javits Center. See over 1,000 of the newest vehicles, including the most futuristic concept cars, latest production models, elite exotics, and cutting-edge automotive technology and innovation. Don’t forget to download the show’s free app to experience the show in the palm of your hand and plan your trip in advance. Purchase tickets at the door or at

Big Dreams and Bigger Engines: The New York International Auto Show

0164_SocialAssets_ProfileNew York City is truly a city of dreams. We all know the story — young kid with wide eyes gets off the bus seeking fame and fortune. The reality often means sharing a rundown studio in Jersey or the Rockaways with five roommates and their disgruntled cats, slinging caffeine to grumpy commuters for a few years before anything really magical happens.

But the magic does happen, and dreams do come true. Which is why you scrape enough money together for the occasional Broadway theater ticket and search for other inspiration to keep the dream alive. It’s also why you should check out the New York International Auto Show — because sometimes you need the excitement that only a four-wheeled, mega-horse-powered monster can deliver.


Sweet Rides & Fun Times: Things that Make You Go Vrooom!

There’s something to be said about taking a day to indulge in an alternate fantasy life — and the the Auto Show is the perfect place to commune with the kinds of cars usually only accessible to the One Percent. The newly unveiled Acura NSA will set you back a mere $160K, while the Bugatti Veyron runs closer to 1.5 million smackeroos, so don’t get too attached.

And then there are the concept cars, like the dead sexy Aston Martin Vulcan, which lives beautifully in the “more fantasy than fact” category. Take a look, close your eyes, and the next thing you know you’re James Bond, speeding down an English road, using only your massive sense of self-confidence to steer as both your hands are preoccupied with dissembling a bomb. This is one fantasy no one can, or should, resist.

There are also fantastic, family-friendly exhibits, so a day at the Auto Show is more than just an indulgence. Any parent hoping to get their kid off of the iPad and into the world will have an easy time of it when they mention things like “race car simulators” or “going off-road in a Jeep, even while you’re inside the freaking Javits Center.”


The Agony and the Ecstasy: Owning a Car in NYC

For those of you who actually own a car in NYC or the surrounding area, we both feel your pain and understand the positives of your situation. One one hand, parking tickets and traffic jams; on the other,  freedom to go wherever you want in a car that smells good with a driver who has fantastic taste in music.

So should you plan on taking your own automobile, humble as it may be, to the New York International Auto Show, makes things easy on yourself by booking parking at one of these nearby ParkFast locations.

The 2015 New York International Auto Show will run Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 12th at the Javits Center. See over 1,000 of the newest vehicles, including the most futuristic concept cars, newest production models, elite exotics and cutting-edge automotive technology and innovation. Don’t forget to download the show’s free app so you can have the show in the palm of your hand and plan your trip in advance. Purchase tickets at the door or at


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March Events Calendar – Things to do in NYC and NJ

March Madness is here! (And we’re not talking basketball.) Nope—we’re talking about that maddening quality of a month that isn’t quite winter and isn’t quite spring. But you can keep your mind off the weather by taking in some of these amazing events! And park with style in one of these nearby ParkFast locations.



Upright Citizen’s Brigade

Drunk as F*** Irish Sing-Along: Tuesday, March 17th, 10pm

Singing silly drinking songs—much like drinking itself—is far less embarrassing when done in a group. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by singing your face – and possibly your pants – off with a group of fellow drunkards. Reserve parking nearby.


The Public Theatre

Hamilton: March-May

Shows like this one—a hip-hop-tinged musical about the life and times of Alexander Hamilton—are the types of events that make the world wish they lived in NYC. Reserve pre-show parking!


Ma-Yi Theatre Company

Soldier X: March 24th-April 19th

The dynamic downtown theater venue, HERE Arts Center, hosts a riveting new drama that  explores the complexities of love, war, and returning home. Park here to visit HERE Arts Center.


City Winery

Wassabasco Burlesque: Friday, March 27th

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s a tease in March. Catch this fun and feisty burlesque troupe as they peddle their sophisticated style of sexy. Park here for City Winery!

Los Lonely Boys: Tues-Wed, March 10th-11th

Join the brothers Garza, and they’ll transport you to an harmonious world of bluesy rock n’ roll. Reserve your parking here!


Madison Square Garden

Pentatonix: Wednesday March 18th

It’s acapella a-go-go! Get ready to have you mild melted by the masters of vocal acrobatics. Reserve parking for Madison Square Garden

Ariana Grande: Fri-Sat, March 20th-21st

Come hear the biggest voice (in the littlest package) in town. A rare pop star with bona fide vocal chops.  Park here!


Broadway Theatre

Fish in the Dark:  Opens March 5th

Larry “Curb Your Enthusiasm” David is bringing his inimitable brand of squirm-inducing comedy to the Great White Way. There’s more talent on this stage than should be legal, so get thee to the theatah, pronto! Reserve your theater parking!


Off-Broadway Theatre

The New Victory Theatre: March

NYC parents have a plethora of options when it comes to kid’s entertainment, including “The Light Princess,” “Pinocchio,” and a toddler-centric show called “Babble” from the New Victory Theatre. Spark the theatrical imaginations of your little ones before it’s too late! Park here!




Pilobolus Rules!: Sat-Sun, March 7th-8th

Get your kiddos excited about wearing spandex and forming funky shapes with their friends. The internationally renowned dance company writhes its way into BAM, and it’s sure to please. Park here!

Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery: Thus-Sat, March 19th-21st

Get your bam (and boom and pow) on with this percussive performance by Japanese Taiko drum masters. Reserve Your Parking.



WWE LIVE Road to Wrestlemania: Saturday, March 7th

It’s a bodyslam battleground at Barclay’s when the world’s biggest, baddest wrestlers roll into town. Park here!



Prudential Center

Charlie Wilson: Saturday, March 7th

R&B icon Charlie Wilson brings a lifetime of legendary music to life. Reserve Prudential Center parking.

New Jersey Devils vs Pittsburgh Penguins: Tuesday, March 17th

The Devils heat up the ice as the 2014-15 season starts drawing to a close. Park here!


Metlife Stadium

GOOOOOALLLL! Argentina vs. Ecuador: Tuesday, March 31st

Call if football. Call it soccer. Whatever it is, this family-friendly event pits two dynamic teams against each other in preparation for Copa America, the South American soccer championship. Park here!

Things to do for Valentine’s Day in NYC and NJ



Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. A singularly stressful display of romantic derring-do for some, an opportunity to heap scorn upon corny couples while consuming quantities of ice cream for others. Whether you celebrate or shun the day, we’ve gathered a great list of things to do in NYC and NJ on the 14th. And because nothing kills the love buzz like searching for a parking spot, we’re including nearby ParkFast locations to make your celebration a breeze.



Make plans for a romantic jaunt through NYC’s most iconic neighborhood. Reserve your parking here!

Cupid’s Undie Run

We can’t think of a better way to get your blood pumping on Valentine’s Day than to don your fanciest skivvies and dash through Midtown Manhattan—all for a good cause. Bonus points if this is a first date!

Love in Times Square

From morning to midnight, lucky couples will be exchanging their vows under the sparkling lights of Times Square. Stop by to bear witness to love that’s in the air, everywhere and all around.

Dinner at the Rainbow Room

Be dazzled with iconic views of the NYC skyline by scoring dinner reservations to the endlessly romantic Rainbow Room.



Prefer to avoid the tourist throngs on the 14th? Then head down to the East Village for a funkier kind of date night. Find easy parking here.

Great Jones Spa

It’s hard to be romantic when you’re not relaxed. Book a massage for you and your date, and begin Valentine’s Day by de-stressing with a dip in a thermal hot tub.

Dinner at Botequim

Spice things up with a scrumptious, Brazilian-infused prix fixe dinner at this deliciously romantic restaurant.

What I Did for Love

The bright and funny folks at Upright Citizen’s Brigade East spin one (lucky?) audience member’s love life into improvised comedy gold.



Get classy with a traditionally romantic date that starts with an old-school rom-com and ends with a stroll along the water. Plan your parking here.

The Philadelphia Story

Watch the sparks fly between Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart in this witty and wonderful classic romantic comedy.

Dinner at La Vara

Share the love (and the tapas) without breaking the bank at this intimate, Spanish-style restaurant with a warm, inviting vibe.

Stroll the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bundle up and cap off the night with a romantic stroll along the newly redeveloped Brooklyn Waterfront. Don’t miss the art installation of a magically colorful glass water tower on Pier Five.




Marc Antony at Prudential Center

Sway and swoon to the legendary Latino heartthrob this Valentine’s Day. Park here!

Iron Monkey Valentine’s Event in Jersey City

Free roses for the ladies and psychic readings for all are part of the four-course prix fixe event at this cheeky Jersey City establishment. Reserve your parking here.

Romantic Poetry at Newark Symphony Hall

Actress and writer Yvonne Hernandez waxes eloquent on the theme of romance. Find nearby parking here.

Things To Do for Valentine’s Day in Baltimore


Have fun on Valentine’s Day with our list of things to do in Baltimore, MD on the 14th. And because nothing kills the love buzz like searching for a parking spot, we’re including nearby ParkFast locations to make your celebration a breeze.


Make downtown Baltimore the backdrop for a fun, cultured, and romantic Valentine’s Day. Park your car here.


The Walters Art Museum

Wander the halls of the Walters gallery to start your date on an artistic note.

Sotta Sopra

Head over to this unabashedly ornate and lavish Italian restaurant for early cocktails and a top-notch meal.

Royal Farms Arena

Change gears entirely by catching Katt William’s comedy extravaganza—because the couple that laughs together, stays together.

February Events in NYC, Brooklyn and New Jersey

Broadway Parking NYC


If you’re not taking advantage of the amazing shows and events NYC has to offer, you might as well be living somewhere in the vast plains of some grassy, flat state. Here are our top picks for getting out and having a good time in NYC this February. And with ParkFast parking lots nearby each of these venues, your



VENUE: Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre

Running Late with Scott Rogowsky: Wednesday, February 11th, 11pm

This is why NYC is the most badass city in the universe—for $5, you can see Jerry Springer being interviewed live, on stage at 11pm on a Wednesday night. YASSSSSSSS! Reserve parking nearby.

VENUE: Joe’s Pub

Rock Bottom: February – March

If you haven’t seen this one-woman tour de force then prepare to get perfectly pickled with the always amazing Bridget Everett. Reserve parking near Joe’s Pub!

VENUE: City Winery

Colin Hay: Tuesday, February 17th

Catch the inimitable musician—known for fronting Australian megaband Men At Work in the 80s—in his solo incarnation. Park here for City Winery!

Kate Pierson: Wednesday, February 25th

Yet another iconic member of another ridiculously awesome band, Kate Pierson of the B-52s will turn City Winery into a love shack for the debut of her solo album. Reserve your parking here!

Poi Dog Pondering: Saturday, February 28th

With 25 years of togetherness, the little band with the Best. Name. Ever. just keeps creating music that intoxicates. Park here!

VENUE: Madison Square Garden

Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds: Saturday, February 14th

Make it the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever with the king of smooth R&B slow jams. Reserve parking for Madison Square Garden.

Florida Georgia Line: Wednesday, February 25th

Cruise to MSG and say “here’s to the good times” with country’s favorite bro-band. Park here!

VENUE: Broadway Theatre

The Audience: Previews begin February 14th

There ain’t nothing like a dame… especially when that dame is Dame Helen Mirren. Be one of the first to see the queen up close and personal when previews begin for her Broadway show, The Audience. Reserve your theater parking!

VENUE: Off-Broadway Theatre

Can Do Duck: The Musical: February-March

This plucky story about the positive power of saying “I can” is a great choice for family-friendly theatrical fun. Park here for Broadway!




An Evening with Matt Groening & Linda Barry: Thursday, Feb 12th

It doesn’t get much more brilliant than this—ex-roommates Groening, the creator of The Simpson’s, and Barry, the mastermind behind the cult classic strip Ernie Pook’s Comeek talk love, hate, and comics. Park here!

The Ice Man Cometh: February-March

Acting legends Brian Dennehy and Nathan Lane tackle Eugene O’Neill’s classic drama. Reserve Your Parking.

VENUE: Barclay’s

Nets vs. Knicks: Friday, Feb 6th

It’s a basketball battle of the boroughs! See which b-ballers will come out on top. Park here!



VENUE: Prudential Center

Fleetwood Mac Attack: Sunday, February 8th

Catch the white witch and her merry musical companions. Reserve Prudential Center parking.

Marc Antony: Saturday, February 14th

Sway and swoon to the legendary Latino heartthrob this Valentine’s Day. Park here!

VENUE: MetLife Stadium

Fan Appreciation Month: February

We’ve said goodbye to football season, but MetLife is still hosting great events and is giving away tickets to many of them! Win tickets to Monster Jam monster trucks and Taylor Swift. Skip the traffic; park in Secaucus and take the train to the show!

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Summer Events in NYC and NJ: August Edition

bway with lights

Looking for one last hurrah before the summer comes to a close? (And no, a date night with Netflix does not count as one last hurrah.) Lucky for you, we at Edison ParkFast are happy to keep our fellow citizens informed about the hottest events happening in New York and New Jersey. So explore what August has to offer, and don’t forget to park with us when you do!

Theater District

  • Daily: Choose from over 150 Broadway musicals and plays, including Of Mice and Men, If/Then and Hedwig and the Angry Inch! 

Click here for a complete list of Broadway shows.

Seeing a show this month? Park at one of our NYC Theater District parking lots for as low as $12.00! With three locations along NYC’s 44th Street, you’ll arrive at the theater faster than you can say “James Franco, will you marry me?”

Madison Square Garden

  • Aug 1: Blake Shelton
  • Aug 7: Billy Joel
  • Aug 8: New York Liberty vs. Connecticut Sun
  • Aug 16: Steve Aoki
  • Aug 19: National Pro GRID League
  • Aug 20-22: USA Basketball
  • Aug 29: La Salsa Vive

Get tickets for all MSG events here.

No need to search far and wide for parking at MSG; ParkFast has a location only two blocks away!  (Does it get any easier than that?) Or, if you’re riding in on NJ Transit, you can park at our Secaucus Station lot and take the train right to the arena!

MetLife Stadium

  • Aug 4-5: One Direction
  • Aug 7: Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets
  • Aug 9: Pittsburg Steelers vs. New York Giants
  • Aug 16-17: Eminem and Rihanna – The Monster Tour
  • Aug 22: New York Giants vs. New York Jets
  • Aug 28: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

Get tickets for all MetLife Stadium events here.

We know you’re die-hard Jets fans, and that you wouldn’t want to miss a moment of the game. That’s why you should park in Secaucus and take the train directly to the stadium in order to beat the traffic!

Prudential Center

  • Aug 2: Devi Sri Prasad: Live in Concert
  • Aug 24: Street League Skateboarding 2014 Championship
  • Aug 27-31: Cirque du Soleil Varekai

Get tickets for all Prudential Center events here.

With a whole week of Cirque du Soleil, Prudential Center parking lots will transform into a circus right before your eyes, and we don’t mean the kind with fancy acrobatics. But you can thank the parking gods for our 11 parking lots in Newark, NJ—including a location right across the street from Prudential Center!

Keep checking our blog for updates on cool events, and remember to check our coupons section for the best parking deals in NYC & NJ!




Upcoming Events in NYC: Central Park, Downtown, and Brooklyn

stage pic

Here’s what you should be doing (and where you should be parking) in NYC over the next week.

Central Park Summerstage Festival:

Looking for some musical entertainment in NYC that won’t cost you your life’s savings? We can help. Check out Central Park’s SummerStage Lineup for tons of low-priced (and FREE) events!

  • July 26: Chronixx & The Zincfence Redemption / Junior Reid / The Rice and Peas Crew FREE EVENT
  • July 29: Conor Oberst with special guest Dawes Buy Tickets from Ticketmaster
  • July 30: Ingrid Michaelson / NEULORE / Secret Someones Buy Tickets from Ticketmaster
  • August 2: Dr. John & the Night Trippers / Hurray for the Riff Raff FREE EVENT

Click here for parking near Central Park

Here’s What’s Up Downtown:

Click here for parking near the 9/11 Memorial

Brooklyn Happenings:

Ready to get out of Manhattan to chill with the cool kids? Why not head to Brooklyn for a small concert or an exhibition?

Music Hall of Williamsburg:


Brooklyn Museum Exhibitions:

Click here for parking in Brooklyn

Don’t forget to check out our coupons page for awesome parking deals in NYC!